Version :  1.04

Released :  18th November 2012

Size :  7.4 MB

Price :  $1.99


_shift: time_shifted_reflection_of_the_self

I created this app after watching my 1 year old become obsessed with looking at his reflection, and seeing his delight when he saw himself in videos we’d shot. _shift is a combination of these two ideas, creating a window into the immediate past to provoke playful moments.

_shift works best when your iPad or iPhone is placed stationary on a table or couch. Encourage your kids to make faces and play peek-a-boo. Guaranteed to make your kids more active!

"Kids will see themselves, make a wacky face, then laugh when they see their wacky face a few seconds later, and then laugh even harder when they see themselves laughing. There is no sound, no banner ads, nothing really to do but look and react. It's like a fun house mirror for kids." Cool Mom Tech

"Does exactly what it promises. I get to see my daughter giggling at herself giggling. Awesome."

"My 3.5 yr old played with this app for a large part of this snow day. It's brilliant simplicity had her enthralled. The best part was that it got her creative juices flowing and body moving."

I’m not into apps designed for children that have unnecessary ads or ugly interfaces. _shift is elegant and minimal – it does one simple task and does it well.

it's you: from 3.1415926 seconds ago. mmm pi...

Supports all front camera enabled iOS devices.