Version :  1.06

Released :  15th February 2020

Price :  Free


pron. [fee-liks]
Latin for happy or lucky

fiilX is an ideal first app for toddlers. Introduce your child to the wonderful world of touchscreens through this simple game. It combines the thrill of completing a colouring-in with simple touch point accuracy training.

Choose a colour.
Touch all the piXels on the screen to light them up and complete the level.
piXels get progressively smaller with each level to help train your touch accuracy.
Completing all the levels reveals a fun surprise!

After watching my son struggle with small touch buttons, I built fiilX to help him learn how to use a touch screen accurately.

I’m not into apps designed for children that have unnecessary ads or ugly interfaces. fiilX is elegant and minimal – it does one simple task and does it well.

Shake your device to restart.